Terms and Conditions


The following terms of use and conditions, herein known as “Terms and Conditions”, exclusively apply to the use of “Services” supplied by the online sales’ website www.dancevs.com, which belongs to and is run by the DMAES – Dance Music Activities, Enterprise Synergies, Lda. company, at Rua Maurício Lourenço de Oliveira, nº 206, 4405-034 Madalena – VNG, Portugal, registered at Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Vila Nova de Gaia, herein known as “Seller” or “Dance Video Store” and the consumer client known as “Visitor” before.

The use of the website www.dancevs.com and of the Services has to follow these Terms and Conditions. The Visitor/ User must read, agree with and accept all these terms and conditions present in Terms and Conditions as well as those in Privacy Policy. By using the online sales website www.dancevs.com the Visitor/ User agrees to comply with the Terms and Conditions, including future possible modifications made to them.

The use of the online sales website www.dancevs.com has a privacy policy which explains Users how personal information is collected and used, and it is located at the following web address:


1. Commercial Policy

1.1      The Dance Video Store Seller has products for sale in the website www.dancevs.com  through the “e-commerce” service available to the Visitor/ User.

1.2      The Visitor is anyone who may access, browse or use the website www.dancevs.com and is bound by these Terms and Conditions and by the Privacy Policy present in the website. If the Visitor does not agree with the Privacy Policy or the Terms and Conditions or does not follow them, the Visitor may not use the website. All Visitors have partial access to the website. To obtain full access to the website www.dancevs.com and use or buy its products/ Services the Visitor must register on the website and become a registered User.

1.3      The User is the final consumer, who is 18 years old or older, who registers on the online sales website www.dancevs.com, out of the User’s business or job, by choosing a User name and password, providing complete and accurate registration information and keeping this information updated.

1.4      The Dance Video Store reserves the right of not processing any order by anyone who is not a User or that does not comply with the Terms and Conditions or with the Privacy Policy of the Dance Video Store Seller.

1.5      The User must provide the Seller with a correct and complete e-mail address or other contact form and accepts that the Seller may contact the User using that data, if necessary.

1.6      It is considered a violation of the present Terms and Conditions, if the User does not comply with article 1.3, as well as:

a) providing or using a false name or somebody else’s e-mail address without permission.

b) using a User name and password property or controlled by somebody else, with the intention of pretending to be that person.

c) creating more than one account per person.

d) providing somebody else’s payment data without permission, or somebody else’s means of payment with the person’s permission, if the data used in the User’s register do not match with the means of payment data.

1.7      The User is responsible for keeping the confidentiality of his/her password and is solely responsible for all the activities that happen with the User’s identification and password. In case the User notices the misuse or unauthorized use of his/her identification and password, the User must immediately notify the Dance Video Store in writing. The User must make sure that the log out has been made at the end of each session.

1.8      By using the website the User agrees not to infringe any of the following rules, under penalty of having the account canceled and the use of the identification and the password locked. The rules are:

a) The User agrees with not sharing his/her identification and password with other people, personally or publicly, with the intention of granting them unauthorized access to the website www.dancevs.com.

b) The User agrees that he/she cannot download, copy, reproduce, print, publish, distribute or broadcast by any means, any content, video, audio clips, information or pictures from the website www.dancevs.com without the Dance Video Store’s written permission.

c) The User agrees with article 2. which refers to the intellectual property of the website www.dancevs.com .

d) The User accepts the Dance Video Store’s prior approval of any of his/her comments in the website www.dancevs.com and agrees that these comments must treat the website, its authors and remaining users with respect. Reviews considered insulting, obscene, sexually oriented, harassment, abuse, threat, ethnic insults or any other of malicious, defamatory or offensive nature will be disapproved. Likewise, reviews or messages that contain advertising, proposals for exchange, bidding for purchase or sale, e-mail addresses or other personal contact data, junk e-mail or spam will be disapproved.

e) The User accepts that he/she cannot, nor should allow doing reverse engineering of any part of the website, use manual or automatic device to monitor the website, gather information about other Users or Visitors, create User accounts under false or fraudulent pretense, create or transmit unwanted electronic communications to other Visitors or Users, transmit viruses, worms, trojan horses or other elements of malignant nature, reformat all or part of any of the web pages that are part of the website, use the website to violate the security of any computer or networks, security passwords or security encryption codes, upload, transfer or store illegal, malignant or obscene material, use any software or device which interferes with the proper functioning of the website, or deliberately or not use the website to violate any local, nacional or international applicable law.

1.9      The User grants the Dance Video Store the right to show, distribute and use their reviews or messages, all or part of it, for disclosure, advertising and promotion, and to reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute the content, without prior agreement and free of any charge or other consideration.

1.10   Any violation of Terms and Conditions made by the User grants the Dance Video Store the right to definitely cancel and block the User account, regardless of the fact that the User has active purchases or not. The account is closed and the User is not entitled to any refund.

2.     Intellectual Property

2.1      All content included on the website www.dance.edalc.pt , including but not limited to videos, audio clips, information, images, trademarks, logos, software, scripts and other resources, is our property or is licensed by the Dance Video store.

2.2      The content and brands included on the website www.dancevs.com , is protected by intellectual property and international treaties’ laws, by copyright, according to their laws and international conventions, and the disrespect for these laws may be the subject of civil or criminal liability act.

2.3       The brand Afrolatin Connection® used on the website is a trademark or registered name, property of DMAES,Lda.

3.     Ordering/ purchasing procedure

3.1      To order and/ or purchase in www.dancevs.com the user must be 18 years old or older and must have an e-mail account, the browser must be set up to accept cookies and pop up windows, allowing the usufruct of all the browsing conditions of Dance Video Store’s online sales website www.dancevs.com.

3.2      The order must be placed by the User who must previously register at www.dancevs.com, in the following way:

1st Find the products (videos or subscription) which the user intends to acquire;

2nd Add each chosen product to “Shopping Cart”;

3rd Confirm the acceptance of the Sales Terms and Conditions and finish the purchase;

4th Select the method of payment;

5th Make the payment;

6th Check your e-mail Inbox to see if you received the confirmation of the purchase;

7th Print and/ or save a copy of the confirmation of the purchase;

3.3      The purchase order is confirmed when the User selects the button “Place Order” after finishing selecting the method of payment.

3.4      In that moment, The Dance Video Store receives the fully detailed purchase order by e-mail, and this is the completion of the purchase agreement.

3.5      A confirmation of the purchase order is sent by the Dance Video Store to the User’s e-mail address, who must print or save the e-mail for future reference.

3.6      The Dance Video Store Seller reserves the right not to accept the User’s purchase order, or cancel it, even after its automatic confirmation.

3.7      When the User makes the payment of his/her purchase order, the User is accepting the Seller’s general sale Terms and Conditions, as well as other conditions present in www.dancevs.com through links, including these general use Terms and Conditions.

3.8      The Dance Video Store Seller will only process the purchase order when obtaining its payment confirmation. This is an automatic process, its duration is not the Dance Video Store’s responsibility, and is conditioned by the User’s selected payment method and by the time it takes the service to get the payment confirmation.

3.9       The Dance Video Store Seller cannot be held liable for the delay of the payment confirmation of the purchase order, regardless of the reason for the delay. The normal amount of time for the confirmation of the User’s payment which allows the availability of the video(s), should not exceed 48 hours. The User does not enjoy the right to a compensation payment, interest or indemnity for a delay which exceeds the referred amount of time for the contents of the website to be made available, after the payment.

3.10   After the confirmation of the purchase order’s payment and the availability to visualize it, the User must perform the following procedure, as appropriate:

a) if you have previously chosen the video(s) while performing the purchase order, you only have to access your account with your username and password and the contents will be available for viewing for a period of 7 days after the date of payment confirmation.

b) if you have chosen a subscription, you will have to access your account with your username and password, and you will have to select the videos you want to watch, using the credits that your subscription gives you, knowing that each subscription corresponds to the following:

i) 1 month subscription = 4 credits = 4 videos to watch for a period of 30 days;

ii) 3 month subscription = 12 credits = 12 videos to watch for a period of 90 days;

iii) 6 month subscription = 24 credits = 24 videos to watch for a period of 180 days;

iv) GOLD subscription = all available videos to watch for a period of 365 days;

3.11    The Dance Video Store reserves the right not to accept the purchase order, even if it has previously been accepted, to cancel the purchase or refuse any purchase order for any reason,  being exempt from responsibility for any damages or costs, in situations such as:

a) The content, video(s) is no longer available;

b) The payment of the order was not received within 5 working days after purchase order;

c) The purchase order is considered an incorrect or fraudulent purchase;

d) If there is a mistake in price quotation provided;

e) If the User is under 18;

f) The billing information is not correct, complete or verifiable.

g) The data provided by the User are incomplete or doubtful.

3.12   If the purchase order is cancelled because of one of the above situations and has already been paid for, the Dance Video Store will refund the amount paid, but the User will not have the right to be reimbursed for a compensation payment, interest or indemnity. In case of the situations described in points C), f) and g), the expenses relating to the rates applied to the payment method, will not be reimbursed, never less than 10% of the full amount of purchase.

3.13   The Dance Video Store reserves the right to verify the User’s data after receiving the purchase order or payment, and the verification of address, credibility and the verification of fraud may be included. Suspicions of fraud will be investigated and, if necessary, prosecuted. All suspicions of fraud will be notified to the authority.

4.     Order payment methods

4.1 The user must use only one of the 3 following payment methods for his/her purchase order:

i) By the PayPal system, made available by option, in the act of checkout;

ii) By the PayPal subscriptions system, made available by option, by the system, in the act of checkout, with an automatic renewal permit of the periodic subscription.

iii) By ATM Reference (Multibanco) provided directly by the system, within 5 working days, after the purchase order, after this period the Seller may consider the purchase order canceled. This payment method is only available in Portugal.

4.2 In case the PayPal payment method is chosen, all the details will be sent by the encrypted protocol to the company which provides the remote electronic payment services, without third parties having access to the information conveyed.

4.3 This information will not be used by the Dance Video Store, except to perform the necessary procedures for the purchase or reversal, in case of return, pursuant to the exercise of the right of return or for communication to the police, in cases of fraud.

4.4 The Dance Video Store is completely unrelated to any responsibility for any possible mistake which occurs in the payment stage, in the service made available by the PayPal company.

4.5 The Dance Video Store Seller does not accept any payment method other than the ones mentioned. If the User uses payment methods other than the ones mentioned, the Seller cannot be liable for the loss of the payment or any other damage caused thereby.

4.6 A payment fee will be added to the total purchase amount. The purchase order total already includes this payment fee.

5. Purchase order security

5.1 The online sale website www.dancevs.com uses a security technology for data encryption until the payment process is finished.

5.2 In spite of using an encryption software, the security of data and payments transmitted by the Internet or through e-mail cannot be assured, and therefore the Dance Video Store cannot be held liable for any damages, as a result of using electronic means of communication including, but not limited to damage related to flaws or delays in delivering the electronic communications, interceptions or electronic communication manipulations by third parties or by computer programs used for communications or viruses’ transmissions.

6. Title Retention

6.1 The Dance Video Store holds the intellectual property of the contents sold by the website www.dancevs,com even after they have been fully paid for.

7. Pricing

7.1 The price of the products displayed on the website www.dancevs.com include VAT at the statutory rate in force in Portugal.

7.2 The User must always confirm the prices contained in the purchase order, with the prices contained on the website, for each of the chosen products.

7.3 The User must only pay the exact, specified amount in the purchase order and make an individual payment per purchase order.

7.4 The prices of the products displayed on the website www.dancevs.com  are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.

7.5 The prices displayed at the time of purchase are the prices applied to that purchase.

7.6 The Dance Video Store reserves the right to rectify any error on the prices displayed on the website www.dancevs.com, not committing to the offer, and also reserves the right to cancel the User’s purchase order in case such error happens.

7.7 The Dance Video Store reserves the right to modify any price over time, in its sole discretion. The purchase orders’ payments are final and non-refundable.

8. Quality and Warranty

8.1 On the website www.dancevs.com, the Dance Video Store Seller offers contents, videos, services and information, as shown on the website.

8.2 The text, audio clip and video contents on the website have been optimized to be visualized through the most common operating systems, and the Dance Video Store cannot be held liable either for the use systems which do not allow the proper visualization of the

contents, with reasonable quality, or for the restrictions made by the systems in some countries.

8.3 The Dance Video Store Seller does not ensure that the functions, services or contents on the website www.dancevs.com will not be interrupted or will not have mistakes, or that de flaws will be corrected, or that the website or the server it uses or any other connected system, is free from virus or other harmful elements.

8.4 Not all dance videos and its exercises are suitable for everybody. The contents provided by the website www.dancevs.com  are provided solely for educational and informational purposes and are not intended for medical treatment. The User should always consult his/her physician before starting any exercise program of any of the videos provided on the website.

8.5 When using the website www.dancevs.com the User agrees with and accepts the warning mentioned in the article 8.4, assuming at his/her own risk the use of the contents offered by the website.

8.6 The Dance Video Store disclaims any responsibility or liability for the User’s utilization of the exercises featured in any of the videos provided by the website.

9. Cancelation of Purchase Order

9.1 The User may cancel the purchase order, provided that it has not yet been paid for. For this purpose the User must previously check the status of the purchase order on the website or with the Seller and ask for the cancellation of his/her purchase order.

9.2 The Dance Video Store reserves the right not to accept the cancellation request of the User’s purchase order, in case it has already been paid for.

10. Costumer Service

10.1 For further information please contact the seller by e-mail at info@dancevs.com or by phone to +351 227 138 727.

11. Conditions for Promotional Codes (discounts)

11.1 A promotional code enables the user to enjoy a promotion/ discount on the purchase of a specific product or of a set of products, over the amount of time indicated/ associated to the promotional code/ promotional campaign, when it is used according to the established rules, terms and conditions.

11.2 The promotional codes can only be used in online purchases on the website www.dancevs.com. The sale, exchange or donation of a promotional code is not allowed. The User who has the promotional code may not load or offer a promotional code on any website, social network or other way of public offer, donation sale or exchange. The use of promotional codes for commercial purposes is not allowed.

11.3 The promotional code is connected to the Dance Video Store. The use of the promotional code in connection with other brand, company or name is not allowed. The use of the promotional code in an illegal, abusive or disrespectful way is also not allowed, as well as any other way in which it might damage the Dance Video Store’s reputation.

11.4 The use of the promotional code is conditioned to only one use per product and per order. The promotional codes are not combinable with any other promotions or special offers.

11.5 The promotional codes are not exchangeable for money.

11.6 The Dance Video Store has no obligation to reissue or restore promotional codes. However, in case the Dance Video Store decides to reissue or reimburse a promotional code, it needs to have access to the initial promotional code. For that, it is necessary that the User saves a copy of his/her promotional code otherwise it cannot be reissued or replaced in case of loss.

11.7 Without prejudice to any other rights, the Dance Video Store reserves the right to immediately void the promotional code if it has reasons to suspect that a promotional code is being used in violation of the above requirements, usurpation, or other cases where the Afrolatin Connection®   finds reasonable grounds for doing so.

12. Promotion Validity Period

12.1 The offers on the Dance Video Store website’s online shop are valid only for the time tthey are displayed on the website’s store at www.dancevs.com unless there is information otherwise on the website.

12.2 The Dance Video Store is not bound to any offer, in case there are errors or spelling mistakes, prices or others in the information on the website www.dancevs.com. The Dance Video Store reserves the right to cancel any purchase or sale concluded under such errors.

12.3 The Dance Video Store is not obliged to comply with any promotion or offer in which the information is not directly specified on the website www.dancevs.com .

12.4 The Dance Video Store reserves the right to end the offer or promotion before the period stated on the website www.dancevs.com elapses, for reasons of unavailability or for any other reason beyond its responsibility.

12.5 The Dance Video Store reserves the right to alter the products’ conditions and/ or prices and/ or discounts, over the period of the promotional campaign.

12.6 The Dance Video Store reserves the right to condition the purchase of the number of units per client, whenever it deems, over the promotion’s time.

13. Liability

13.1 The Dance Video Store is only to be held liable for any damage suffered by the User if such damage derives from violations made by the Dance Video Store to its binding obligations, or if the liability of the Dance Video Store derives from the law in force.

13.2 Under no circumstances can the Dance Video Store be held liable if the User suffers any damage related to the activity performed on the content of the website or damage suffered by third parties.

13.4 The Dance Video Store cannot be held responsible for any damage derived from incorrect information displayed on the website.

14. Applicable Law

14.1 These conditions and all disputes related to them, including their validity, the use of the site or any purchase on it are to be ruled by the Portuguese Law.

14.2 Should both parts fail to come to an agreement, any dispute arising from the current Terms and General Conditions of Sale shall be submitted to the District Court at Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.

15. Changes to the Terms and Conditions by the Dance Video Store

15.1 The Dance Video Store reserves the right to change the current Terms and Conditions of use and sale, at any time without prior notice to the Client. Nevertheless, the Dance Video Store will display those changes on the store’s website at www.dancevs.com.

15.2 The User is to comply with the principles and Terms and Conditions of use and sale in force at the time of his/her purchase order, except if the law or any authority impose any change to them.

16. Information on the website

16.1 The content of the online store Dance Video Store at www.dancevs.com is carefully and periodically updated. However, the information, texts, graphical documents, videos, music and/or other services may contain errors or be incomplete or incorrect.

16.2 The Dance Video Store cannot be held responsible for any damage deriving from the use (or misuse) of the website, including damage caused by virus or any inaccuracy of the information displayed, except if such damage derives from deceit or neglect by the Dance Video Store.

17. Newsletter

17.1 The term “Newsletter” is awarded to e-mailings, promotional offers, institutional messages, information about the company or the user sent by the Dance Video Store directly to the Visitor or User e-mail box.

17.2 The Visitor or User can manage his/her subscription at “Newsletters” or request his/her removal from the mailing list in writing at info@dancevs.com.